Watch the short video that clearly describes the foreclosure process in Washington State and the resources available.
2017 was a record breaking year! United Way assisted 22,700 families and individuals with tax preparation services, returning $30.5 million in refunds, including over $9.7 million in EITC. They ran 27 tax prep sites across King County.
Make Change Count!™ Compare bank and credit union services and costs.
Millions of Americans with disabilities are caught in an endless poverty cycle. Join National Disability Institute and pledge to spread awareness of this issue.

Make Change Count! ™

It’s your change. Make it count!  Do you want to save money to buy a new car, take your family on a vacation, send your kids to college, or just pay your bills on time? Or are you interested in learning more about your credit score, your credit report, and techniques for managing debt?

Through a network of agencies Free or low-cost one-on-one support is available to King County Residents who want to understand more about their money, make good financial decisions, and have choices for savings and loans. No hidden fees or agendas. Learn More >

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