About Us

The Financial Empowerment Network (formerly known as the Seattle-King County Asset Building Collaborative) is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 asset building collaborative of public, private and nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping low and moderate income people become financially stable.

Since our inception in 2006, spearheaded by the active leadership of The City of Seattle and The Seattle Foundation, we have become a prominent force in the state for financial empowerment.

Our Vision

We envision communities where low- and moderate-income individuals and families are able to achieve financial well-being.

Our Mission

We advance financial empowerment through partnerships that support access to affordable, effective, and relevant services, products, and other resources.

Our Process

We serve as a liaison and broker to create connections, disseminate evidence-based and promising practices, and bring resources to a network of providers in order to integrate financial empowerment into other services including anti-poverty strategies.

To increase capacity, we look to our Board of Directors with support from our Initiative Chairs to help identify the needs of our community and advise the best course of action. This strategy has resulted in successfully securing the collaboration of many organizations in providing quality financial empowerment services, avoiding duplication of services, creating system change, and helping agencies make connections with each other to improve outcomes for their clients.

Board of Directors:  Grace Adriano, KCHA; Jerry DeGrieck, Public Health Seattle and King County; Diana Dollar, The Prosperity Agenda; Michael Dotson, Banner Bank; Vicki Foege, HomeStreet Bank; and John Kim, Consultant.

Initiative Chairs:  Lydia Assefa-Dawson, KCHA; Tom McKay, NJP; Emerson Sekins, NW Access Fund; Linda Taylor, Urban League; Becky House, American Financial Solutions; and Emily Vyhnanek, UWKC—EITC Free Tax Campaign.

Financial Empowerment Trainers Task Force
There is a growing need to expand continuing education and retain qualified trainers to ensure the sustainability of ongoing financial training for nonprofit professionals in Washington state.

The Regional Task Force’s objective is to vet existing curricula, develop criteria and an application process for trainers, review and recommend workshop pricing strategies and recommendations for ongoing financial education development for professionals in the field.

Task Force members include Liz Myntti-Lower Columbia Cap, Devin Stubblefield-Faith Financial Center, Allison Maluchnik-ABC and Bank On of Mason County, Becky House-American Financial Solutions, Carmen Marttila-Jr. Achievement and Lydia Assefa Dawson-King County Housing Authority.