Immigrant and Refugee Resources

Citizenship Clinics

Seattle Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs 2020 citizenship clinic schedule is available to download. These are community events where volunteer attorneys, interpreters, and others assist eligible green card holders with completing their N-400 naturalization application through an organized step-by-step process.  Learn more>

King County Executive Equity and Social Justice

Welcoming Immigrant and Refugee Communities – Tools and Resources
Know Your Rights – Learn more>

Bias Hurts

The Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) announced a new hotline for people to report harassment in Seattle. The Hotline is part of the City of Seattle’s Bias Hurts Campaign for Seattle residents and business owners who are the targets of discriminatory harassment, including threats, slurs, intimidation and cyberbullying.  Learn more> 

City of Seattle Outreach

Seattle Department of Neighborhoods provides outreach to underrepresented communities in Seattle’s neighborhoods. Known as Public Outreach and Engagement Liaisons (POELs); they provide:

  • Quality translations.
  • Fair and equitable facilitation (in native language) to culturally specific community groups.
  • Simultaneous interpretation.
  • Feedback and expertise on cultural concerns and barriers.
  • Planning and execution of community workshops and events that parallel larger City-hosted meetings.

For more information about the POEL program, visit

Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs

The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs was created to recognize the importance and need for a strong relationship between the City of Seattle government and the immigrant and refugee communities which it serves. The Office’s goal is to set measurable outcomes to ensure consistent implementation of principles of social justice issues which include employment, economic development, public health, student achievement, citizenship, public safety, criminal justice, civic engagement, and protection of civil rights.  Learn more>

Refugees and Asylees

The Refugee Resettlement Office offers a microenterprise loan and matched saving programs.

  • A New Roots Fund loan can help refugees and asylees pay for business expenses, such as equipment, tools, inventory, and working capital. Existing businesses and new businesses are eligible. Business technical assistance is also available.  Loans can range from $200 to $15,000. Learn more>
  • An Individual Development Account (IDA) is a matched savings program for refugees and asylees who have been in the country for less than five years.  Learn more>

Ready to Work (RTW)

Ready to Work is designed to support immigrants and refugees on their path to economic stability and full integration in the life of their communities. This community-based program offers career development and job placement, support services, and intensive English as a Second Language + digital literacy classes.  Learn more about Ready to Work>

Newcomer’s Guides to Managing Money

Throughout the United States, people unfamiliar with our financial marketplace are more likely to fall prey to frauds and schemes. Low English proficiency can make it even harder to manage money safely and effectively on a day-to-day basis. To help, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Office of Financial Education developed a series of guides that provide straightforward information about basic money decisions. Learn more>

King County Public Library System
Jobs and careers Learn more>
Classes and Programs – Learn more>

Seattle Public Library

Citizenship classes – Learn more>
ESL classes – Learn more> 

ESL (English as a Second Language) Courses

SEATTLE COLLEGES North • Central • South • SVI
ESL Options – Adult Basic Studies –
Learn more>

Seattle Public Library – Learn more>
Beginning ESL 1 & 2
Beginning ESL 2 & 3

Immigrant and Refugee Programs and Related Services

  • Atlantic Street Center: Learn more>  or call 206-723-4073.
  • Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS): Learn more> or call 206-695-7600.
  • Catholic Community Services: Learn more> or call 206-725-2090.
  • Chinese Information & Service Center: Learn more> or call 206-624-5633.
  • East African Community Services: Learn more> or call 206-721-1119.
  • El Centro De La Raza: Learn more> or call 206-957-4634.
  • Eritrean Community in Seattle and Vicinity: Learn more> or call 206-323-6627.
  • Ethiopian Community In Seattle:  Learn more> or call 206-325-0304.
  • Express Credit Union – Citizenship Loan: Learn more> or call 206-612-5689.
  • Filipino Community of Seattle: Learn more> or call 206-722-9372.
  • Hopelink: Learn more> or call 425-889-7880.
  • Horn of Africa Services: Learn more> or call 206-760-0550 (Rainier Office) / 206-344-5872 (Yesler Terrace Office).
  • International Rescue Committee: Learn more> or call 206-623-2105.
  • Jewish Family Service: Learn more> or call 425-643-2221.
  • Kandelia formerly Vietnamese Friendship Association: Learn more> or call 206-760-1573.
  • Khmer Community of Seattle-King County: Call 206-762-3922.
  • Literacy Source: Learn more> or call 206-782-2050.
  • Lutheran Community Services NW: Learn more> or call 206-694-5700.
  • Muslim Housing: Learn more> or call 206-723-1712
  • OneAmerica: Washington New Americans Program: Learn more> or call 877-WA-NEWCI (TIZEN) / 877-926-3924 (Citizenship Hotline – 20 languages).
  • Neighborhood House: Learn more> or call 206-461-4522.
  • Northwest Immigrants Rights Project: Learn more> or call 206-587-4009.
  • Oromo Community Center: Call 206-324-7039.
  • Refugee Federation Service Center Coalition: Learn more> or call 206-725-9181.
  • Refugee Resettlement Office: Learn more> or call 206-323-3152.
  • Refugee Women’s Alliance: Learn more> or call 206-721-0243.
  • SeaMar Community Health Centers: Learn more> or call 206-764-4700 / 206-764-8047.
  • Somali Community Services Coalition: Learn more> or call (206) 431-5141.
  • St. James Cathedral: Learn more> or call 206-382-4511.
  • 21 Progress: DACA Build Your Dream program. Learn more> or call 206-323-3152.
  • Ukrainian Community Center of WA: Learn more> or call 425-430-8229.
  • World Relief Seattle: Learn more> or call 253-277-1121.