Curriculum Resources for Financial Educators

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has resources for consumers on each of these topics.

  1. Resources on debt collection
  1. Resources on credit reporting
  1. Resources on mortgages
  • Buying a House: An online suite of tools and resources to help consumers navigate the home-buying process. The tools included in Buying a House are:
    1. Loan Estimate explainer helps consumers review their Loan Estimate and get definitions for unfamiliar terms.
    2. Closing Disclosure explainer helps consumers double-check that all the details in a Closing Disclosure are correct.
    3. Explore interest rates allows consumers to explore lending data from real lenders, updated every business day in the evening.
    4. Closing checklist helps consumers prepare for closing, one of the most important parts of the home-buying process.
    5. Guide to closing forms  provides descriptions of four important closing forms: the Promissory Note, the Mortgage/Security Instrument, the Initial Escrow Disclosure, and the Right to Cancel form.
  • Your Home Loan Toolkit: Toolkit that can help homebuyers get the best mortgage for their situation, understand the closing costs and what it takes to buy a home, and a few ways to be a successful homeowner.
  1. Missed previous CFPB FinEX webinars? Watch the recording!  If you have missed any CFPB webinars, you can watch them or read the transcripts:

Annie E. Casey Foundation: Youth and Credit
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Biz Kids – Life on the Edge Toolkit
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Biz Kids: Standard Lessons
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CFPB Resources for Financial Educators – Learn more>

CFPB Videos and Webinars

Commonwealth, formerly D2D Fund, strengthens the financial opportunity and security of financially vulnerable people by discovering ideas, piloting solutions, and driving innovations to scale. Learn more>

FDIC: Money Smart – A Financial Education Program
Money Smart is a comprehensive financial education curriculum designed to help low and moderate income individuals outside the financial mainstream enhance their financial skills and create positive banking relationships.  Learn more>

  • Money Smart for Adults
  • Money Smart for Young People
  • Money Smart for Young Adults
  • Money Smart for Small Business
  • Computer Based Instruction
  • MP3
  • Train-the-Trainer

FDIC Youth Banking Resource Center
Learn about strategies to enhance youth financial education efforts with an opportunity to open a savings account. Learn more>

FDIC Youth Employment Resource Center
Explore this site to learn about the FDIC’s resources that support financial education and access to safe, affordable insured accounts for youth participating in employment programs. In particular, FDIC’s Money Smart curricula can help meet the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA []) financial literacy element. Learn more>

FDIC Learning Bank
The FDIC created the Learning Bank – to provide information about using money wisely, how banks work, and the differences between types of bank accounts and loans. You’re never too young to create smart financial habits that will help you manage your money!  Learn more>

FTC (Federal Trade Commission)
1) Money & Credit: Buying & Owning a Car, Credit & Loans, Dealing with Debt & Resolving Consumer Problems
2) Homes & Mortgages: Home Loans, Home Improvement, Saving Energy at Home and Renting & Timeshares
3) Health & Fitness:  Healthy Living, Treatment & Cures & Weight Loss & Fitness
4) Jobs & Making Money: Education & Training, Job Hunting, Working from Home, Going into Business & Investments & Grants
5) Privacy, Identity & Online Security:  Limiting Unwanted Calls and Emails, Online Security, Protecting Kids Online and Identity Theft
6) Blog
7) Video & Media
8) Scam Alerts

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Financial Beginnings
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Bank On Lousville: Fresh Start!
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Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative: Keys to Your Financial Future
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Jump$tart Coalition Clearinghouse
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Junior Achievement – JA World Finance Park
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Khan Academy
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My Path
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NEFE Financial Workshop Kits
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Northwest Credit Association (NWCUA): Financial Reality Fair – Simulation
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Practical Money Skills for Life
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Practical Money Skills – Kahn Academy
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University of Arizona: Take Charge Today
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Vulcan Productions: We the Economy
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