Bank On Washington2021 Bank On WA Forum - October 19 & 20Covid 19 Forbearance Video
Watch the short video that clearly describes the foreclosure process in Washington State and the resources available.
For many individuals, tax credits and refunds are critical to keeping food on the table and a roof overhead. Tax help is available in your neighborhood and in your language from IRS-certified volunteers. Learn more at
Local Washington Bank On coalitions provide people with alternatives to paying more than they need to for financial services, to help them on a pathway to economic stability and success. Learn more at
The 2021 Forum was convened for community professionals interested in learning about fintech and inclusive banking. View the two-day recordings on YouTube here!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for renters and landlords to cover housing costs. Do you need assistance? Are you financially impacted by COVID-19 and are struggling to make your regular payments?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new Rental Assistance Finder allows people to find aid based on the state or territory or tribe or tribal lands where they live. For more information on the new tool, please refer to Housing on the navigation bar.

Through a network of organizations, you will find Free or low-cost one-on-one support to help you understand more about resources available and make sound financial decisions.

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