How to Open an Account

Compare Banks and Credit Unions

Use the bank and credit union comparison chart to locate the bank or credit union that meets your needs. You can find a branch that is near you by visiting their web site!

Our comparison chart shows you the different features that the banks and credit unions offer.

 Steps to Open Your New Account

1.   Consider meeting with a financial counselor.  If you have been denied an account from a bank or credit union, and ChexSystems was used in the decision process a financial counselor can help you review your ChexSystems report and assist you in finding bank products that would best fit your needs.

2.    Find a participating bank or credit union in your neighborhood.  Bank on Seattle King-County works with 14 banks and credit unions. You can find a participating bank or credit union in your area by reviewing the list on this page. The bank or credit union staff will answer your questions and help you open your new account.

3.    Bring a copy of the Bank and Credit Union Comparison Chart.  Banks and credit unions occasionally have new staff. This will help you in case they aren’t familiar with the Bank On.

4.    Ask them about opening a Bank On account. Many banks and credit unions have special checking and savings programs designed just for you. They’ll answer your questions and help you open an account that’s best for your needs.

5.    Remember to bring some identification. You will need a passport, Washington state ID, or Mexican Matricula card. Some banks and credit unions accept other IDs as well. Most banks and credit unions will request a second form of ID, not including cell phone bills. If you don’t have a Social Security number, you can use your ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number).

6.    Open your new checking and savings account.  The person at the bank or credit union will walk you through the entire process. And they can show you how to sign up for free money management training classes to help you get the most from your new account.

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